Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Jeremy's 55th Birthday - 13th January

This week I will be turning 55 and I know I am lucky to have reached this age. I know my last thirty years have not seemed that great and to a point that’s true but to moan is so self-indulgent when I think of all those poor flood victims who didn’t deserve their lives to be turned upside down with events which may devastate their lives for years. Plus I’ve been watching the awful conflicts in Syria and Iraq and in so many Middle Eastern Countries, the awful deaths of civilians and troops; the displacement of peoples; the loss of everything, no one has done anything to deserve that, to suffer such dreadful loss, so here’s me moaning about my miscarriage of justice and I feel that so many others have equal and worse things to deal with.

However I do have a point and it’s maybe a little self-focused but justice around the world was and still is built on our so called “Great British Justice” but it’s got flaws and because the system takes so long to fix them it exports those flaws all around the world. Human Rights, our leader’s crow, have failed in this and that country, but they choose to be completely blind to the dreadful Human Rights failings in our own country. Not that it affects me too much right now, but the cuts in legal aid have really changed prison life in ways I’m not permitted to talk about in letters. Though these things are mild when compared to the Human Rights failings in our Criminal Justice System.

The State knows that my case is one that exposes a huge flaw in our Criminal Legal System, but in not fixing it, they continue to export and promote a system, which isn’t fit for purpose. In today’s terminology it has a bad program fault that seeps infection throughout the whole system.
My case if fixed, will improve the lives of many now and thousands in the future because it will make our Justice System better and almost honest, which it isn’t at the moment. If they don’t fix my case it proves the complete system is really corrupt because knowing and doing nothing is still corrupt.
So my birthday. Sure I’m almost old but I’m still fit and still fighting. The case is almost won and my freedom restored. I can’t say why or how but people involved in getting me convicted should be packing bags ready for some time in jail and it’s 100% fact this will happen, although I know in the coming weeks they will bluster and bleat many times, before as they have over the last 30 years. But, now we know that many just simply lied and lied and lied and disclosure has provided us with proof of that which cannot be denied.

So 2016 is the year where truth triumphs over all those mean and knowing lies. It sounds like I’m just saying this as some hollow bluster because I cannot say what we know. I’m “On advice” (a legal term) and allowed to say absolutely nothing but what I can say is that we now know the truth, almost the whole truth, almost, almost, and it won’t be too long before it is stated before the Lord Chief Justice and other Senior Appeal Judges. Those who have lied are soon to be exposed and brought to justice and that is going to be my belated birthday present of that I do feel sure.


Thursday, 31 December 2015

Looking Forward to 2016

On the dawn of this New Year I would like to share with you how I am looking forward to the future with anticipation and excitement. Firstly I do believe that I have a future that is not cell shaped with a steel door and bars on the window, although “Stone walls a prison do not make, nor iron bars a cage”, it’s that I actually feel that now we have finally uncovered the corruption within Essex Police, my 10:2 conviction will be overturned.

It’s a huge step to take, so many enquiries and a couple of appeals – no one has wanted to dig too deeply as just below the surface of this case is a quagmire of stinking Police corruption. Over the past thirty years I’ve watched as various enquiries have dug a little too deeply and caught a whiff of the rotten evidence of police corruption that lingers just below the surface and rather than move forward and expose it they step back quickly and move off elsewhere. Much of the evidence will continue to be exposed on my web site and also on the Bamber Vlog with Trudi Benjamin below. 

Now I can look forward to exposing all this. Not from jail – my conviction will be overturned before the whole truth is told and I look forward to being able to share my experience with the world. I hope that what I have to say is something that other people might want to listen to, not so much my story but how we managed to navigate our way to the truth and freedom.

The outside world has changed a lot in thirty years but not so much that I won’t be able to do all those normal things everyone else does every day. The only difference will be my enjoyment at doing all those routine things, from buying a coffee at Starbucks to sending an e-mail to a mate or organising having lunch somewhere. I’m simply looking forward to being given back my ability to choose to do it or not to do it, on all the everyday things that I’m sure everyone simply takes for granted – but within prison are denied to us.

This is the first time that I do actually feel positive about my freedom being a reality and that knowledge makes this New Year one I can enjoy.

Happy New Year

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Looking Back Over 2015

This has been a funny old year for me, the first six months spent in Full Sutton and the last six months back here in H.M.P. Wakefield. I have been here before in 1997, which made settling in a little easier as I sort of knew my way around although it had changed in so many small ways. It probably doesn’t sound like much to you but by coming here I was able to walk bare foot on some freshly mown grass, something I’d not been able to do for at least twelve years. It was a real treat too, to watch the clouds scud across the sky whilst we were all outside on our thirty minutes of daily exercise. The move has been okay and I’m hoping that my next move will be when I come home at long last.

I would also like to thank people for their support regarding the Bake-Off using my mum’s
recipes to make great cakes. It was good to see my mum being remembered in a positive way for being a really good baker. It’s not too late to join in and I would love to see your Christmas creations, which will also appear on my Instagram page.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to organize the petition and the thunderclap and all those people who’ve signed them. The issue of disclosure is one that seems to surprise so many people as they assume that all the evidence was handed over to the Defence before the Trial. The Crown Prosecution Service (C.P.S.), Essex Police and the Criminal Cases Review Commission (C.C.R.C), all state that everything was properly disclosed pre-trial. Of course it wasn’t, but by saying it was Essex Police, the C.P.S. and the C.C.R.C believe that makes it true but it’s really not true at all as you can see from the evidence presented in the disclosure booklet. 

I hoped to be able to state that Essex Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (C.P.S.) had now disclosed everything that we have asked for. I’m sorry to have to say that nothing has been disclosed as yet. 

Luckily for me the Supreme Court was able to change the law regarding how evidence gathered during Police disciplinary investigations should be treated[i]. Until 2006/2007, all the evidence gathered by the Police Complaints Authority (P.C.A) or the Independent Police Complaints Commission (I.P.C.C.) which replaced the P.C.A. in 2004, had to be treated confidentially, automatically attracting a Public Interest Immunity (PII) Order. Therefore in 2011 I was lucky enough to be given access to all the documents that had been created by three different Police Investigations into how Essex Police had acted in relation to my case (one in 1988, one in 1991, and one in 2001). It’s taken far too many years to put everything discovered during these three investigations into some sort of understandable order but it has now culminated in our petition for disclosure.

I have recently written to my MP, European MP’s, Essex Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner in an ‘Open Letter’ making official requests for disclosure of the material set out in the petition. I will let you know how I got on with my official requests for this information and the replies will be published on the web site.

The 30-year anniversary was a milestone I did not expect to pass in jail. To quote the Cat ‘A’ Committee from Thursday 27th June 1991: “The Committee noted that the offences had been narrowly targeted and there was no sign of mental illness of further evidence from the prison (after 6 years of custody) to suggest that Bamber would be a danger to the public at large.” Downgraded to Category ‘B’[ii]. On 12th September 1991 an article was published in the News of the World[iii], giving details of how I was not considered to be a danger to the public and that my category had been downgraded. This sparked my relatives, the beneficiaries of my late family's estate, into action and after Robert Boutflour complained to the Home Office, I was subsequently made Category ‘A’ again[iv]. I have remained a Category ‘A’ prisoner ever since despite there being no grounds for keeping me as such. 

It is not just Essex Police – the whole system can be unfair when it wants to be. Thanks to you, all disclosure may happen and I won’t have to endure any more.

Merry Christmas 

Some of the pictures of cakes on our Instagram account

[i] Taylor v Anderton (Police Complaints Authority Interviewing), Ante, at Pg. 465 (Archibald, 2006 Pg. 1356)
[ii] Letter Lifer management Unit dated 20.09.91 PDF
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[iv] Letter Home office to The Royal Courts of Justice dated 30.07.92: “He was held as a Category ‘A’ from 1985 until, in September 1991, following the annual review of his security status, he was downgraded to category ‘B’ . The change was reported in the press, and there followed immediate representations from the remaining members of BAMBER’s family, and from the police to the effect that the family would still be at grave risk from BAMBER if he was to escape  be released. One of those members of his family was Mr. Robert Boutflour who I understand is also a defendant at the Civil case in August. In the light of those representations, BAMBER’s security category was again reviewed, and it was decided that he should be reclassified back to a ‘A’ category prisoner.”

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Jeremy's Plea for Disclosure: On the 29th Anniversary of His Conviction

I thought I’d talk a little bit about what will happen next with the issue regarding the disclosure of the case documents. This shouldn’t be contentious but Essex Police have spent the last thirty years inventing spurious reasons why certain things cannot be disclosed to the defence. Much material generated before the trial including Sheila's medical records and statements by foster carers for the twins as well as audio's and logs of my dad's call to the police were not disclosed to the trial court or subsequent appeals in 1988 and 2002. 

In a letter to the Chief Constable of Essex from the C.P.S. dated 07.03.91 it states[1]:

“It is clear from his previous letters that Bamber is looking for every opportunity to make complaints about the handling of his case and the evidence presented by officers of the Essex Police. The state of those statements as lodged with the Crown Court at Trial, were to authorise the handing over of these statements to DCI Ellis. I fear that it would simply be providing Bamber with another opportunity to make allegations of a similar nature in the future”.

This has meant that since 1991 essential information generated or obtained as a result of the City of London Police investigation has not been disclosed either to my lawyers or to myself. Where disclosure has taken place, there are always pages missing from the documents, or paragraphs of text blanked out. Neither Essex Police nor the C.P.S. have made complete disclosure of any evidence since 1991, even when ordered to make full disclosure of certain documents by a Judge, what was disclosed was never what should have been; as to do so would prove my innocence.

After thirty years of research, I now know what the material is that I want disclosed. I’ve directly requested this case material from Essex Police myself and instructed my lawyers to request this material from Essex Police. I have also asked the Police Complaints Authority to request this evidence from Essex Police and I’ve asked the Criminal Cases Review Commission to use their section17 powers to obtain this un-disclosed evidence and in every case, Essex Police have refused to hand over the evidence being asked for. In total between my lawyers and myself at least fifty requests have been made seeking disclosure of case evidence being held by Essex Police, all to no avail.

I now plan to ask my M.P. The Rt. Hon. Mary Creagh, and two M.E.P’s, Linda McAvan and Richard Corbett, to ask Essex Police for disclosure of the material set out in my petition. I am hoping that Essex Police concede that they can no longer withhold the evidence that’s being requested from them by my M.E.P’s and my M.P. The open letter making the request will be published on my web site along with responses. 

With luck, requests made via my M.P. and M.E.P’s might help persuade Essex Police to fulfil their obligation to disclose. After thirty years of asking I do hope so especially as we have now reached the 29th anniversary of my conviction there is no reason for the evidence proving my innocence not to be disclosed.

To find out more about the evidence we still require from police check and sign our petition.


[1] AR-21-21) Letter Disclosure (07.03.91) PDF

Sunday, 27 September 2015

29th September, 30 years of Wrongful Imprisonment

I wanted to write about what it’s been like having now spent thirty complete years in jail. A total of 10958 days (Including 8 added leap year days) give or take a few hours (8) on 29th September, equalling 263 thousand hours of wrongful imprisonment.

Looking at it like that makes it seem such a long time. No doubt it’s at least a third of my life. It feels so painful at times to know that I’ve let my mum and dad down so badly. Dad especially would be disappointed in me for having failed to prove my innocence and therefore cleared their names too within thirty years. “Thirty years Jem, you’ve had thirty years mate to sort this lot out”, his voice is still clear in my mind.

I know people might think it odd that dad and I often called each other ‘Mate’, it was an in joke between us. This began in 1980. Both dad and I enjoyed the movies and from the age of 12 onwards we’d quite often go to the cinema together. Once I’d learnt to drive and had my own car we’d go to the cinema a little less often as I used to like taking a friend instead. Bringing your dad along if you were hoping for a kiss and a cuddle just wasn’t cool, even I knew that. It sounds so corny thinking back that my taking a young lady to the pictures might have led to something more than friendship, but I had no idea how to do this dating malarkey way back then.

Going back to dad and I, on our movie going days we would always catch the new James Bond film when that came out. We both loved Paul Newman and Robert Redford films and Clint Eastwood too. So anything that they were in we’d go to the cinema and see together.

Returning to 1980, the fact that we enjoyed the cinema so much meant that we would always try and watch the film review show on the BBC. It was hosted by Barry Norman and we nearly always agreed with his opinions on the latest film releases. If Barry really raved about a particular movie we’d both go to the cinema and watch it together, or when video films could be rented we’d get the film and watch it at home.

The movie review show was called ‘Film ’78’ or ’79 or whatever the year was the show
was on. So in 1980 it was called ‘Film 80’ and dad’s joke, silly as it seems, had us both in hysterics the first time he said it and giggling every week afterwards. Dad said dead pan as if he was being completely serious: “Jem, what are we doing watching this and why is Barry Norman presenting a programme about a bloke called Phil Matey? Don’t know about you but who is this Phil Matey fellow anyway?” I can recall looking at dad and thinking are you really that much of a fool or are you just making a silly joke, a play on words. I didn’t know as dad was poker faced with that quizzical look in his eyes, and he caught me, to which I answered, “It’s Film 80 dad!” and immediately I got it, Phil Matey, and we laughed so much and for so long that no sooner had the giggles subsided than one of us would say ‘Phil Matey’ and start again.

A day or two later we were at Doe’s, the agricultural suppliers, buying various spares and bits for the farm. The guy serving us turned to his colleague and said: “Do us a favour matey, can you get us such and such oil filters from the rack?” Dad turned to me and said “What do you reckon Jem, is his name Phil?” to which we both ended up in hysterics, made even funnier cos the guy who was serving us just stood and looked at us as if we were off our heads, with dad trying to pull it together, getting it under control and then saying “Where’s Phil with the oil filters?”, trying so hard to keep his face straight, failing and giggling again causing me to giggle. And so the cycle went on that is until we got back to the van. From then on we called each other ‘Matey’ which fairly quickly was shortened to ‘Mate’. Right up to the 6th August 1985 and my going home leaving dad to collect the last trailer of rape seed from the combine at 10:00pm and leave it for me to tip and process in the morning. My last words to dad when I left that evening were, “Thanks Mate, I’ll see you in the morning.” I said a “Good night” to mum and Sheila and off I went.

In a way, looking back now, I can see why dad’s call to me prompted my phone call to the police at 03:36am. The reason why I took his telephone call so seriously. I have always felt that it was because I’d tried to ring him back to find out more information and my getting the engaged signal each time I did so. Not being able to call dad back to speak to him may have been part of it, but subconsciously I’d have known it was serious due to him not using the term “Matey” during our short conversation.

Obviously this is not a point to be taken to the Appeal Court, it would mean nothing to them, but to dad and I our 'in' joke was important to both of us on so many levels. In order for me to clear all of our names, I’ve had to try to understand everything, including my own actions and motivations.

I do feel a bit of a “Larry let-down” for not being able to resolve this case until now. It’s in part due to the fact that corrupt former Essex Police officers who constructed a false case against me are now mostly deceased. There are a few who are still enjoying their retirement, who we appear to have evidence upon, that reveals them to be corrupt former Essex Police Officers in many ways. For instance, the CPS failed to take into account a report, dated 06.09.85 that was written by Detective Chief Superintendent Kenneally which stated:

                        “The evidence indicates that Sheila was responsible”

Clearly, Essex Police have not disclosed to the Defence or the CPS this extensive review and the supporting evidence, which resulted in the finding that Sheila carried out the shootings. The continued concealment of this report suggests that the corruption within Essex Police in the 1980’s remains endemic at the very highest level of their organisation today. If this was not so then the current Chief Constable would have disclosed DSI Kenneally’s report to us, and all the supporting evidence that showed that Sheila was responsible, as well as all the other material listed upon our petition for disclosure. 

There is a huge amount of corruption involved in the case. Just one example of the many hundreds we have, is how witness evidence was manipulated to change the whole meaning of what was told to the Police and the Enquiries. In 1991, my cousin David Boutflour wrote a hand written statement for the C.O.L.P. Enquiry. He stated:

“Thought made some states in August but appear mistaken”[1]

The typed version of the same statement said:

“Thought I may have made further statements but I may be mistaken”[2]

This evidence was manipulated to disguise the fact that David Boutflour made witness testimony before September, which has never been disclosed. There are a number of police documents making reference to many other witness statements, from a multitude of people, which apparently don’t exist.

Anyway “Matey” the truth is certainly now known by the CPS and the Defence and it will be in the Courts and the Public Arena very soon. I hope you and mum’s name will soon be cleared along with mine.

Are the senior Officers within Essex Police honest and true? That depends if they comply with the disclosure requests contained on our latest petition. Only time will tell. Thank you to everyone who has supported the petition for disclosure of all case documents including Human Rights Campaigner, Peter Tatchell. If you haven’t done so already please sign, as it will make all the difference in my continued fight for justice.


[1] 36.306 Handwritten David Boutflour Int notes cont (1) at Pg. 20
[2] 36.306 D Boutflour COLP Interview 19.7.91 Pg. 14

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber